We can all agree that this year so far has been a roller-coaster ride. Australian’s had just felt the devastation of the bushfire season not long before Covid 19 became a worldwide pandemic. Now, as the country tries to recuperate we are seeing protests and outcries all over the world. I believe that assuming everything will go back to normal is naïve and we will need to adapt to these times in order to move forward and recover.

Firstly, I have implemented methods in business to help us work with the continued threat of Coronavirus. Our team at Raw Metal Corp has adapted to these procedures as their new normal and I have enforced to them that this isn’t a temporary solution. Hygiene stations, contactless sign in and remote servers enabling staff to work from home are just a few of the Covid safe practises we have enforced. Our staff and their families play a very important part in our business, so it is always at the forefront of my mind to protect them both physically and financially.

Secondly, I have always loved enjoying what Brisbane has to offer in the way of dining, sport and entertainment. Hospitality, tourism and retail were unfortunately the three biggest losers during the pandemic. I’ve seen restaurants and bars making a comeback and retail sales booming online but tourism is still fighting. It’s great to see more Brisbane diners out at the beginning of the week and businesses booking out over the weekends. The last couple of months of closures have made me appreciate our city’s growing dining scene and I endeavour to support as many local businesses as I can.  As a huge supporter of the Broncos I’m enjoying getting back to Suncorp Stadium even though the atmosphere is very different to usual.

My hope for the coming months is that the boarders will open, and Australians can get back to business. In saying this it is still important to keep an eye on our high-risk family members and peers to keep them safe. I believe Queensland is in need of a new leader and personally I deem Debbie Freckleton the fresh face needed. She knows business, displays common sense and cares for people’s basic rights. If she gets in I know that Queensland and New South Wales will reap the benefits. It’s in the hands of Australian’s to see where we end up.

In the metal industry we have noticed a difficulty with overseas trade. It’s supply and demand like never before and I’ve observed a decrease in manufacturing and a scrap shortage which has resulted in an unsteady market. The price of metal is rising however, so is the US Dollar and international freight pricing. I predict that the USD will hover around .71.5c-.73.5c depending on the US election. If Trump wins the election, I imagine it will drop to .70c or below and if not, it’ll go up to around .75c.

The first 6 months of 2020 were just short of a disaster, but we are all keen to get our momentum back for the last couple of months of the year. Bring on 2021!

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