A year ago we attended the iconic Monaco Grand Prix event, an amazing experience of Formula One racing and everything that goes with it at its very best.

Unfortunately we couldn’t make it back to Monaco this year, but we did make it to Melbourne in March for the Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park.

There is no doubt that Melbourne is in pole position for putting on great events in Australia, and this year’s Formula 1 was no exception.

Even against the prestigious international standard set by Monaco, Melbourne can be proud of the way they stage such an outstanding event.

Melbourne’s hospitality, culture, people and public transport systems come to the fore at Formula 1 time. The city is beautifully set up for big events and they know how to move people around in an efficient and friendly way, which makes for a hassle-free experience for racing fans.

We took in the action of this year’s Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix from the Qantas Marquee, where it seemed half of Queensland was transported to Melbourne for the weekend. Qantas really looked after their guests and our membership got us fast track entry and access to the fast lane closest to the pit wall.

We are very much Sebastian Vettel fans, so it was great to see him get a podium finish in Melbourne and even better to see him driving with Ferrari.

For those who have never been, make sure you one day experience the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix as it is a world-class event.

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