With the world’s most famous tennis tournament in full swing in London, it brings back memories of the great tennis events we put on in Australia and the top players who will once again be making their way down here next summer.

While they may not have the history and prestige of Wimbleton, the Australian Open in Melbourne has long been a fantastic event and the fledging Brisbane International is now also hitting plenty of winners.

Like all new events, the Brisbane International has taken a little time to find its feet since it lobbed on the scene in 2009. But it gets bigger and better every year, and continues to draw the big names, as evidenced by the calibre of last year’s winners Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova.

The next Brisbane International in early January 2016 is sure to be the best yet and the team behind it puts on a great show. If you have never been, and have the tennis bug from late nights watching Wimbleton, make sure you get along to the impressive Queensland Tennis Centre at Tennyson to check it out when summer rolls around again.


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