Forget heading to the beach, interstate or just hanging around home. Next time that you want to get away for a long weekend, make the trip to Singapore.

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It is well worth it and a lot easier and closer than you think. In just over seven hours flying time from Brisbane, you will be walking the streets of Singapore and taking in all the exciting sights, shops and food it has to offer.

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Singapore is great for all the family as it is very clean, tidy and well organised. While it can be expensive, especially in the central tourist areas, make sure that you also venture to the outer areas where you will find better value but still great shopping and restaurants.

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The level of service that you receive everywhere in Singapore is exceptional and just about everyone speaks English, so it makes for a very relaxed getaway. Of course, Singapore is also a world trading hub so if you are looking to combine business with pleasure, I can recommend making contact with Grant Thornton Accountants.

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They have branches all over the world and are in the process of re-establishing themselves in Singapore. On my recent visit, I met with the local directors and they were very helpful and insightful into the local market. If you are thinking of doing business in Singapore, let me know and I will put you in contact with the team at Grant Thornton Accountants.


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